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Lobby Library, Camp Richardson, South Lake Tahoe
One thing I've learned is that I like to keep all my favorite things in one place, especially in my crafting.  I have a folder for my favorite bookmarks, I actually *use* the queue feature on Ravelry, and so on.   I even sort my yarn remnants into bins by weight and fiber.  ;o)

So you won't be surprised that the first thing I want to do is create a basic index!  This list will be updated with links to appropriate blog posts so everything is easy to find. 

Hooks!  Finding the right tool - for you.
Foundations!  Firm (... yet not)
Slip Stitches!
Single Crochet!
Double Crochet!
Magic Loop!
Triple/Treble Crochet!
Half Double Crochet!
Magic/Invisible Knot!
Color Changes!
Parasol Assembly!
Tunisian Crochet for Beginners!
Corner to Corner - C2C!
Puffs and Bobbles and Popcorns, Oh My!

Free Patterns
Slip Stitch Mitts (also works for any stitch practice square)
Magic Potholder (single crochet)
Gift Bags That Keep on Giving (single crochet)
Built for Speed Beanie (double crochet)
Droid Beanies (customize your Built For Speed Beanie)
Yarn Jewelry Scarf (triple crochet, and taller stitches)
Basic Fingerless Mitts  (using increases to make a gusset)
Basic Guy Hat (simple color changes)
Tunisian Crochet Squares (simple stitch and knit stitch)

Cool Links
My favorite fibers and yarns
My favorite tools during a flare up

Check out my youtube channel for chatty updates and tutorials.

Links from sources not affiliated with Crocheters of Awesome
Ravelry - an online community of fiber crafters

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