Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tutorial - Double Crochet!

Double trouble!  Well, maybe double mischievousness? 

Regardless of which applies better to these two characters, you'll find double crochet to be quite handy to have around.

If you've just found us and have missed earlier tutorials, take a look at our ongoing Table of Contents to find them all.

Just as single crochet starts with a single loop on your hook, double crochet (dc) starts with two loops.  We create that second loop with a yarn over.

Next, we insert the hook under the top two loops of the next stitch in the row below.

Yarn over...

... and pull up a loop.

There are now three loops on the hook.

To remove loops in taller crochet stitches, we always remove them in pairs.  Begin with a yarn over.

Pull that loop through TWO of the three loops on your hook. Afterwards, you will still have two loops remaining.

To remove the final pair of loops, repeat the process.  Yarn over,

and pull through remaining two loops to finish the stitch.

I worked several double crochet (dc) so you could see how they look together.

But just as with the stitches we've learned above previously, there are increases, decreases, front loop only, back loop only, even "post" stitches that are worked around the center post of the stitch to create texture.

Here... let me show you!

Don't forget to check back in later this week for a free pattern based on double crochet... which reminds me, you'll also want to practice your Magic Loop!

Til next time, keep on crafting!

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