Friday, November 25, 2016

Freebie Friday - The Basic Guy Hat

Once you know how to make the Built For Speed Beanie fit every time, the whole wide world of hats opens up. 

You can decorate it, embellish it, use shapes and colors and make them the droids you're looking for... or vary up the stitches used, add some simple stripes or texture.  

The Basic Guy Hat is the one my friends and family request at Christmas.  You can find it here on Ravelry, or you can download a .pdf here.

Instructions for three types of hats are included, a basic stripe in single crochet, a textured post stitch in double crochet, and for the fan who is a real fanatic, the Un-Basic Hat - earflaps, mohawks, color, the works. Try it in their favorite team colors and thank me later.  ;o)

I'd like to take a moment to go through the first few rows of the Post Ridge Hat in more detail because I get questions on a regular basis about how to keep the ridges straight. 

The first few rounds are so close together it can be difficult to see where those post stitches should be placed.

All rounds begin with a chain 3, and end with a slip stitch to join.

Round 1: Using main color, 12dc in a ring.  (Use Magic Loop or chain 3 and 11 dc in first chain)

Round 2: Ch 3, front post double crochet (fpdc) around post directly below chain 3.

Repeat *dc in next stitch, fpdc around post below the same st* around.

24 dc

Round 3: Ch 3, fpdc around post directly below ch 3.

Repeat *dc in next st, dc in next stitch and fpdc around post below* around.

 End round with a dc in the top of your slip stitch join. 

This keeps the post stitch ridges in line with each other, your beginning chain 3's right up next to one of the ridges helps camouflage it as you go along.

Round 3 has 36 dc

Continue working rounds in this way, increasing the number of stitches between post ridges as you go.

I like to add one round of an alternate color.  The post stitch ridge gives it a little jog that makes it look more complicated than it actually is to crochet.  If you aren't sure how to change colors in the round, check this week's tutorial.

A few rows of alternate front and back post stitches for ribbing, and you've just made someone's new favorite hat!

Pair it up with some Basic Fingerless Mitts, and you've just made someone's holiday!  Til next time...

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