Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tutorial - Slip Stitches!

It's time for another tutorial!

I've had a few people ask me how an entire shawl like the Surfing the Clouds Shawl I'm crafting can be made using slip stitches.  Yes!  It's not only possible, it's beautiful!

But you know me, there's only one way to answer any question.  With more than one answer.  ;o)

Experienced crafters may think slip stitches are just for joining and finishing off your project, but they are so much more! There are actually six different types of slip stitches in common use:

Straight - the slip stitch we use to bind off or join, worked under both loops

Inverse - a slip stitch worked from back to front under both loops

FLO - Front Loop Only, that is, a slip stitch worked only through the front loop

iF - Inverse Front Loop Only, a stitch worked back to front through the front loop

BLO - Back Loop Only, a stitch worked only through the back loop

iB - Inverse Back Loop Only, worked from back to front though the back loop

But there's so much more we can do with slip stitches... here... let me show you!

Check in later this week, and I'll show you how to make a pair of fingerless mittens out of slip stitch practice squares.

Til next time!

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