Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tutorial - Firm (... yet not) Foundations

How do we start?  Like anything else, with a strong foundation... and minions. A strong foundation and minions.

But if you think a chain is the only way to begin a crochet project, read on dear crocheter of awesome.

The first step is that crazy slip knot that becomes the first loop on your hook.  True story - I can only tie this knot *over* something like a hook. Muscle memory is real.  ha!

Most foundations call for a chain start.  Chains are the simplest stitch - all you have to do is yarn over and pull through the loop on your hook to the number specified:

TIP: I usually make my chain using a hook one size larger than I'll be using for the rest of the project.  It allows for a little extra room and means my first row has the same stretch as my last row.  I know the first row will look a little weird until you get going, just trust me.  Would I lie to you?

Once you have your chain, you'll work your first row into the chain back towards your original slip knot.  You have some options here... a lot of people just work into the top loop, or the top two loops and that's totally fine.

I prefer to work my first row into that back bump of the chain. I think it keeps the row straighter with less gaps, plus I like that teardrop shaped finished edge.  It's particularly effective for patterns that will eventually have an edging of some kind because its very easy to see where to place stitches.

But what if a chain, even a chain worked in a larger hook is still too tight?  Switch to foundation stitches.  Some patterns will call for foundation single crochet (fsc) or foundation double crochet (fdc), but you should feel free to exercise your right to choose and use foundation stitches for any pattern you like.  I especially like to use foundation stitches for things like underarm joining in sweaters, i.e. any time a pattern calls for a longer chain to begin a new section.



See how stretchy?  Fantastic for garments.  Now get out there and start something!

... and find minions.  Everyone needs minions.

Til next time...

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