Friday, November 4, 2016

Freebie Friday - Yarn Jewelry Scarf

This scarf is a great way to practice triple crochet (or even taller quadruple or quintuples) and use that one special skein of yarn you love but can’t decide how to use.

I call it “yarn jewelry” because it’s the kind of scarf that isn’t intended to keep you warm – it’s just *pretty*!

The pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry, or you can download a .pdf here.

I used:
180 yards handspun yarn, fingering weight
I/5.5mm hook

You can use any yarn, as long as you use a hook 3-4 sizes larger than called for on the label. We use a larger hook to make sure those tall stitches have lots of squishy drape.

Step by step!

Chain the desired width of your scarf, stopping at an odd number. For “yarn jewelry” I like to start with about 6 inches – in this case 29 chains.

1. Begin mesh by working your first triple crochet (tc) into the 7th chain from your hook. The 6 skipped chains will count as your first stitch *and* a skipped chain on the bottom on both the top and bottom of your row.

The spacing will make more sense as we move along.

To continue the row, chain one, skip one, and triple crochet into the next stitch. See how the chain one at the top and the skip one at the bottom of the row create rectangular blocks?

Your last triple crochet should match up with the last chain.

1. Turn. Chain 5 (4 counts as first triple, 1 counts as first chain 1), skip one and triple crochet into the top of the triple crochet in the row below.

Continue mesh pattern *ch 1, skip 1, tc into top of tc below* across.

When you get to the end of the row, take a close look at the chain that started the row below.

Make sure you skip one, and work your last tc into the next chain to maintain those blocks.

Repeat Row 2 to your desired length. I like between 6-8 feet but to be honest… I just work until I have about 5 yards remaining in my skein, just enough for the edging.

1.Turn. Ch 1, single crochet in each tc and ch across

Be careful when you get to the end of the row, sc into two chains (one for the chain space, and one for the final stitch in the row) in order to maintain those blocks.

2. Turn. Ch 1 and sc in each stitch across.

3. Turn. Ch 1 and sc in first stitch.

*ch 3, skip 1, sc in next stitch* across. Fasten off

Repeat edging rows 1-3 on the other end of the scarf, working into the opposite side of your original starting chain.

Be sure to work 2 sc into the turning chain (one for the first stitch, one for the first ch 1 space) to maintain the shape of those blocks.

Your final edging will look something like this.
And the mesh like this:

Wash and block so your yarn settles in...
... and wear with flair!

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