Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Update! Projects of Legendary Awesomeness

Legend tells of a legendary crocheter... 
                                            who's stitching skills were the stuff of legend!

Ok, maaaaybe not.  But I do have some pretty cool projects on the hook.  Or should I be saying off the hook?  Or should I be all Mel B and say "off the chaaaaaaaaain!"? 

I am what's called a monogamous crafter.  I work on one project at a time and I just go go go til it's completed, and move on to the next one.  Lots of crafters have different projects for different purposes, i.e. the "on the go" project when you know you'll be waiting  - school pick up, appointments, etc., the "when the kids are asleep" project which is self explanatory, or the "love the one you're with" project where you have projects stashed in every room and just work on whichever one is closest to hand.  Goodness knows I have enough project bags to do any and all.  But I digress!

I have been put in the position of having three, count them - 3, projects on the hook at the moment.

Here they are...  Grab a cuppa, get comfortable...  I'm drinking Pumpkin Spice today. (OMG moment at the grocery when I found this!  With severe allergies, it's a risk for me to visit a coffee shop - soy milk cross contamination anyone?)

First, I started this *amazing* "Smaug the African Flower Dragon" by Heidi Bears.

It's one of her larger patterns so I decided to take the plunge and work in laceweight yarn and a teeny tiny 1.25mm hook.  That's right, you heard me, 1.25 mm.  By default that makes it a long term WIP (Work In Progress) for me because I can only work on it for about an hour before my hands have to stop.  Psoriatic arthritis is a bear, er, dragon. 

Next is Shannon Sanchez' Star Trek Anniversary MCAL (Mystery Crochet A-Long) the Tiberian Shawl.  I'd have this one completed already except the entire point of an MCAL is the mystery.

That means one clue a week over the next four weeks.  It makes my brain itch.  But, it's Star Trek's 50th so how can I not?

I really love the texture I'm seeing so far, and perhaps, the general shape of a communicator badge?  Is that just me? 

And lastly is the one I can work to my heart's content!  Surfing the Clouds by Tanja Osswald... perhaps my favorite designer of slip stitch crochet patterns. 

It might sound crazy to make a shawl entirely in slip stitches, but with a hook large enough to keep the loops easy to work (I am using an I-5.5mm hook with fingering weight Malabrigo Mora silk yarn) it's wonderful.

I particularly like that the top edging is worked as you go.  Slip stitch crochet looks a lot like knit but it's crochet all the way, baby!

I have one FO (Finished Object) I want to share though because it's going to earn me HUGE Gramma points with Grandsons 1 and 2.  Pokémon is such a big thing this year, and Grandson 1 has decided to be Ash Ketchum for Halloween.  Smart kid that he is, he made an early request for Ash's gloves and a couple of poke balls.  Smart Gramma that I am, I made a duplicate set for Grandson 2 so he can play along when he wants to.  I may have a surprise up my sleeve for them as well.

(The balls are basic bucket increase/decrease.  The gloves are a kid sized version of my own pattern - which will be updated soon with sizing and cuff options.  If you'd like to make some, let me know and I will move that pattern up the list!)

Til next time... keep crafting, you legendary crafter you!


  1. Smaug is going to be AMAZING!
    I am loving the texture of the Star Trek mystery shawl too, and Surfing the CLouds is going to be beautiful, love the colors you chose. Lastly, POKEBALLS AND MITTS!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best G-ma ever!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you!

      All in all a pretty geeky crafting week, right? Smaug, Star Trek, Pokémon.

      Will there be any pokeballs in your future? I seem to think you have some Pokémon fans in your family too?