Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Crocheters of Awesome are... awesome!

Hello!  My name is Jen ... and I crochet.  A LOT.  I have a lot of crafting time because health issues dominate my life now and then.

I moderate a small group on Ravelry called Crocheters of Awesome which was originally meant to be a place for folks to ask questions about my very basic free patterns, but has turned into more of a Study Hall.  That is a-ok by me, because I am all about sharing the crochet love.

In the weeks to come, I'll be posting these how-to's and photo tutorials here, talking about the projects I'm working on, and answering any crochet related questions I can... with photos.  Lots of photos.  Step by step photos.  Have you seen that Study Hall thread?  I like my photos.

In fact, now and again I might even post photos of my other favorite thing - my grandkids.  We recently went to Lake Tahoe together for a family reunion.  See those two little silhouettes by the lake?  Grandkids 1 and 2 with their Dad. 

We have 4 grandkids all together, ranging in ages from 1 - 10.  The oldest has already requested gloves and Poke Balls for his Halloween costume. 

Have I said I crochet... A LOT?

Til next time!

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