Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Weekend update - The Most Wonderful Time

C'mon, sing with me... It's the mooooost wonderful time of the year!  My favorite for so many reasons, birthdays, holidays, cooler temperatures (you know, long sleeved t shirts instead of short sleeved ones!)

We got together with all the kids and grandkids the weekend before Thanksgiving and had a picnic brunch in the park, and then spent a few hours at the zoo. 

It was a beautiful day, and we were able to wear comfortable clothes, and use our outdoor voices. It gives me the chance to rotate through everyone and at least spend a moment or two with them as we walk along... and gives everyone the chance to have a more peaceful holiday without having to juggle schedules as much to fit everyone in.

I spent Thanksgiving Day itself boxing up the additional hats. gloves, and cowls I've been  crocheting for homeless veterans served by the Michigan Veterans Foundation. 

Together, the Crocheters of Awesome filled a 16 inch square box.  That's about 50 people that will be a little warmer this winter.

In November I also crocheted a couple of soft yet colorful hats for a friend undergoing chemo treatment.  I used Berocco Modern Cotton yarn, which is soft and lighter than many worsteds without being "sweaty" like some acrylics can be. I also chose patterns that could be worn looser around the face to keep them comfortable.

My first choice was Mamachee's Water Reeds Hat. I really love the smooth texture of the spike stitches and will definitely make this one again.

She wanted a flower on  the side, so I added a Five Petal Rose from Crochet Bouquet.

Next, I wanted to go with something a bit more fun and funky and decided on the Castaway Hat also by Mamachee.

My favorite feature in this pattern is how the shape is built in!  Plenty slouchy on the top, but without being overly bulky underneath.  I have to make another one in a long color change yarn like the example in the pattern.  So pretty!

OH!  I did manage to finish that Tunisian knit stitch blanket for my grandson, approximately twin sized and very cozy.  2,952 yards of hugs.

He told his parents that he loves his new blanket... all this Gramma needs to know. 

My current WIP is a Tunisian knit stitch ripple scarf.  The ripple comes from timing the increases and decreases just right.

It's a bit slow going at the moment because I am mid-flare with my psoriatic arthritis.  It is hitting my hands particularly hard this time.

So I work a few rows on the scarf (in delicious Miss Babs silk, colorway is Biker Chick)...

... and then switch to Recolor for some point and tap creativity.

If you haven't tried therapeutic coloring, I highly recommend it! 

Whether you use pencils and paper, or apps like Recolor, the benefit of doing something that peacefully engages the mind is invaluable, particularly for those living with chronic health concerns.

Lastly... another earworm for you.  C'mon, you know the words!

This brilliant ornament uses Tracy Fromm's Lighted Snowman Ornament pattern.  She also has other holiday related characters.

In the coloring mood, I used Sharpie markers to draw the face.  Drawing on yarn has its challenges, but then so does snowman building so I figured it was fitting.

Til next time... Happy holidays!

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