Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Update! Try not to try too hard...

One of my favorite songs is Secret O' Life by James Taylor.  It's worth a search if you haven't heard it.  It is chock full of inspiration and little gems like this one:

"Try not to try too hard."

It's so easy to get wrapped around our own axles, when really the secret is to relax, and learn to enjoy the passage of time.

My mantra this week is try not to top last week's high point.  It was a big deal for me to finish that gorgeous shawl, and that's a lot of pressure.  Reminds me of the show business adage - Never follow kids or animals... or intricate shawls.  Ha!

After all that stitch counting, it was time for something I can just relax with, enjoy the yarn passing through my fingers.

I broke out the Tunisian cabled hook and decided on Tunisian knit stitch.

Yes - that is crochet my friends!

We'll have a tutorial on Tunisian crochet once we get past the basics.  Generally speaking, it's worked with a single hook, but in two passes.  The forward pass determines the stitch type and the return pass closes the loops.

The result is this cozy dense fabric, particularly suited for blankets... Tunisian simple stitch is also called the afghan stitch!

I'm about 1/3 of the way through the length, and then I'll add a regular crochet border around all four sides.

I know what you're thinking - who needs heavy blankets in Arizona?!  That's why I'm using a soft cotton yarn.  It should be cozy but not hot.

I hope to have it completed in the next week so cross those fingers.

The Tiberian Shawl by Shannon Sanchez is finished!  It's a great scarfy size, and the beads are *wonderful*.

Look at that iridescent glow! 

The ship is a bit subtle in photos, and shows up  better in person.

Overall I like the boomerang-like shape which makes it very easy to wear... .and it should be easy care in this soft acrylic yarn which makes it a perfect charitable donation.

I also made a couple of smaller projects this week.  If you follow Freebie Fridays you'll recognize this gift bag! I wanted step by step photos for the pattern update

It is particularly suitable for beginners as it's made entirely in single crochet, and the Tuesday Tutorial shows you how to make all the variations needed to complete the bag.

This pattern is also my favorite every day purse, and I have one in just about every color.

Lastly... a little something fun!  Our youngest grandson is a snuggler, particularly with his favorite blankie.  His Mom requested this Astronaut "Lovey" by A la Sascha.

Adorable right?  Stuffed toy at the top, blankie at the bottom.  Perfect.

Because he's so young, I left off some of the details that are worked separately and sewn on.

Til next time... "since we're only here for a while, might as well show some style".  And go check out that James Taylor song. You can thank me later.

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