Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Update - Tour de Bamboo

July is the month of the Tour de France cycling race... but for spinners that means Tour de Fleece!

Well... for those with wool allergies it means Tour de Fleece Free, or as I am calling it this year Tour de Bamboo.

I am still working my blanket CALs but managed quite a few finished projects too.

Finished Projects:
Dobby's Tea Cozy Hat - Caron Simply Soft
Half Granny Bag - in I Love This Sport
Peacock Feathers Shrug - Yarn Bee Sugar Wheel in Green Tea Swirl
Purple Shells Drawstring Backpack - Premier Gradient Set in Purple
Green Shells Drawstring Backpack - Premier Gradient Set in Water
Red Shells Drawstring Backpack - Premier Sweet Roll in Cherry Swirl and Wild Cherry
Dragon Neckwarmer - in Baby Bee Sweet Delight

Bamboo Oops #2 - 383 yards 3ply
Bamboo Oops #1 - 445 yards 3ply
Blaine Fleece and Fiber - Sheepy Shells - wool *and* wool free blends!

Atlanticus CAL in rouge and violette - Premier Sweet Roll in Wild Cherry/Cherry and Baby Bee Sweet Delight in purples.  See the Hooked on Sunshine CAL

The Penny Drops CAL - Tunisian crochet, in Yarn Bee Sugarwheel in Go Go Cocoa, and I Love This Yarn in Coffee.

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