Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Weekend Update - Warm Hearts

Last week I talked about what's been going on with me health wise...

... Therapy means I work those muscles and tissues juuuuust to the point of being worked and not painful.  But it definitely reduces my desire to work with my hands.

I continue to get great information and suggestions from my therapy team and have hit the maximum benefit of my Remicade treatment just in time to spend time with the grandkids this weekend.

But you know me right?  While I might have slowed down crafting wise, I always fall back on certain project types.

In  particular, I like to lean on reaching our to other people by making hats and scarves for homeless veterans, or shawls for local hospice and prayer shawl ministries.

This cozy shawl has a very straightforward stitch pattern making it easy to do even when I'm feeling tired.  It's Michele DuNaier's Lady Edith's Comfort Shawl.  Michele is one of my favorite shawl designers because she does *all* the math.  Her patterns often include specific instructions on how to customize to your taste.

The dense edging adds weight to the fabric which will give it "swing" and help it stay in place.

This is especially nice for someone who it bed ridden or in a chair most of the day.  I know it will give comfort to the recipient as much as it did me in the making!  It is aptly named.

The other thing that comforts me is my family, kids and grandkids.  When we went to Zoolights, Grandson #2 reminded me that he has the biggest beanie collection of anyone, and he does!  I know I can count on him to love anything... but it reminded me that his younger cousins are of the age when characters they recognize are part of the fun. So I turned my attention to Christmas hats!

First, the most famous reindeer of all! 

Using this photo as inspiration, I used my Built for Speed beanie pattern as a base, adding the details that give it character.

You can read more on my Ravelry project page.

Grandson #4 seems to like it!

Ok, he probably likes that big hug from his Mama, but maybe he's thinking she just looks so cute in the Santa Hat?

Next is Frosty the Snowman.

This is the photo I used to design the features, again using Built for Speed beanie in white, with 2 rows of red for his scarf.

You can find more details on my Ravelry project page.

Grandson #3 like Frosty best... and even wore it to school the next day.

He spent the rest of our visit singing!

You'll have noticed the Santa hat by now, and that was part of the trio.  Simple box hat worked to the same number of stitches as the other two by working both sides of the foundation chain in the round.

All three are made to adult size so anyone in the family can wear them... hopefully year after year.

These projects have warmed my heart in the making and giving, and they will certainly warm the hearts of the recipients... and hopefully yours too. 

Til next time... if you ever feel like retreating into yourself, try reaching out to others.  It works for me!

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